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I have just had a session with this lovely lady for EFT. Firstly, she listened to me ‘rabbiting’ on and definitely the best therapy session I have ever had!! EFT is brilliant and Wendy really listens to what you want to achieve from the session. I feel so MOTIVATED leaving my session and have the tools to do it myself at home if I feel like I’m going to waiver. I’m not though!!! I had my session to help with constant snacking but works for lots of things. Thank youuuuu Wendy
Karen Willis

Dear Wendy ☆ Some feedback from my Quantum breath session. It was beautiful thank you so much. During the session I felt both knees move, as energy must have been bringing them back into alignment. My left index finger jumped up. I felt lots of warmth around my heart, which was lovely. I could see my throat was blocked. As you know I meditate a lot so I saw certain objects, a pen a goat a spider a rose lol, which I will google the meanings of. I drifted off into a mini dream and came back again and then I realised I was asleep. Amazing ☆ Thanks again ☆ I will recommend you to my friends and family ☆ Wishing you a lovely day.
Gemma ☆

Wow had a little taster of Quantum Breath today with Wendy Dixon. Mind blowing, a truly fabulous experience. To feel the energy flowing through my body felt almost euphoric and left me feeling, peaceful, calm and lighter. I could definitely feel an energy shift in my body for the better. Magical as always Wendy!

Colour workshop - I have just completed the working The rainbow colour workshop. It was fantastic a real eye opener into colour, aura, energy, encaustic wax. Just amazing! Wendy is a great teacher helping you to move out of your comfort zone in a gentle & fun way to explore the deeper meanings/messages hidden within colour. I would highly recommend this course it really was very eye opening in all aspects. Loved it, thanks Wendy xxx

I took a meditation class today with the wonderful Wendy Dixon, the class was well structured, very informative, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I have done Buddhist meditation previously but I found this to be much more relaxing, and I found I was able to meditate much deeper than I have ever meditated before. Very refreshing. I will be coming regularly to this class as I felt completely re-energised after it. (Feedback from a member of my meditation group, thank you!
Tanya :)

Positivity Cards - I have been using your Intuitive Positivity cards the past two days with my clients and they have resonated really well with them. Two clients were in person and one was via Video link. The in-person clients were given the cards to shuffle and as they were shuffling, I asked them to put their thoughts and energy into the cards and then hold them for a few minutes before spreading them out and choosing one card. Each time the card the client chose resonated with them and what had been said within their reading. With the video client I shuffled the cards and asked the lady to say "stop" when she was ready and I took the card that my thumb touched when she said stop. Again, the words on the card resonated perfectly.
June Allman, Psychic Medium


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