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Feedback from various Readings, Coaching Programmes, and Retreat Days:

This was my first time, and I really hope not my last.

Lovely day, thank you.

Well organised. Very enjoyable. Really nice meeting new people. Thank you.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience with like-minded people.

Absolutely fantastic day. Really relaxing and great for self-care.

Loved everything. Really wonderful experience, fun, varied and great company

I am looking forward to spending some time thinking about what I have learned and putting it into practice.

A thoroughly enjoyable day and great to meet lots of lovely new ladies :-)

Wendy is a brilliant facilitator. Her knowledge is vast and she delivers her workshops with warmth and humour, and is very diplomatic when bringing us back if we strayed off topic. Care was taken to ensure that each participant fully understood what was required to perform each task. Every Member of the group was encouraged in their progress and interacting with each other.

An absolutely brilliant day. I learned a lot of information.

Excellent course, very enjoyable.

Really enjoyed the course and meeting everyone.

Wendy, wonderful as usual, insightful. You're like a warm and embracing hug. Keep up the magic!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Wendy on a fantastic coaching package. This was such a positive and transformational experience for me. Wendy is so gifted and intuitive and knows exactly how to get the most out of you. The exercises between sessions were excellent and though provoking and really helped me shape my goals. Wendy pushes you in a kind and gentle manner that really assists you in answering some important life questions. As a result of the work I did with Wendy, I’ve grown in confidence and have a clear set of life goals. I feel like I’m now living a purposeful life with some great direction. My spiritual practice has deepened and I feel more balanced and aligned than I ever have. I can’t recommend Wendy enough. It’s been such a positive experience. My advice is to jump in with both feet. You won’t regret it.

I had my own spiritual epiphany last year and decided to explore further by getting a reading from Wendy. I found her website and felt a connection straight away. The reading amazed me and Wendy discussed things going on in my life at the time which she couldn’t possibly have known about. Straight away she connected with three spirits that wanted to talk to me and the information she provided was sensational, even though some of it didn’t mean anything to me at the time and I had to find things out about my wider family that I didn’t know. I subsequently signed up for six weeks of one-to-one tuition with Wendy which was great. It has further developed my meditation and taught me loads more about spiritual practices, as well as introduced me to the spirit world. Most importantly, Wendy has given me the confidence to trust my intuition which is something I have always wanted to do but have questioned too much. Wendy is great to work with and someone I now consider to be a friend as well as a guide.

I have worked with Wendy for the last 6 weeks on how to develop my intuition in line with knowing what is the best course of action is right for me in my career and life. Our work identified a number of things to me, one being me questioning my work/life balance and what is actually important to me. Wendy went through my core values and beliefs of who I am, and we both identified the need to work on my limiting beliefs. My biggest question of all was, do my core beliefs align with what I am doing every day? After working with Wendy, I now have a plan of action moving forward to work on progressing my career, personal life and limiting beliefs. We have also scheduled an accountability session - so there is no hiding! I would recommend anyone to Wendy who is looking to develop themselves personally and or career. I think coaching is a really good way to firstly identify the things you want in life, need to change and make a plan to move forward. This can be helpful with family planning, lifestyle and career. I find Wendy patient, kind and caring. My attraction to working with Wendy as my coach was because of Wendy’s previous experience in the corporate sector and I felt she understood my career goals and can appreciate the need to get the work/life balance right.

I started Wendy’s taster sessions during lockdown which led to me joining her online development group. We are into our third six-week block and we have had some amazing experiences every week. We have worked on developing the various clairs and there has been some amazing messages delivered. Sometimes the messages from the least expected people. We do group work, meditation and Wendy pairs us off into groups where we work one to one. Being able to still attend development classes at this difficult time has been brilliant and Wendy goes out of her way to help you outside of the group too.
Lynne McIlroy

In 2018 I became interested in the spiritual world, before this having no previous knowledge or experience in connecting with spirit, I started Wendy’s face to face groups in October 2019, where I went on to have My first encounter connecting with spirit in meditation in March 2020 just before lockdown. I followed on Wendy’s development sessions on zoom. Wendy is kind hearted, informative and always available if you have any questions. Over the development sessions I have learnt a lot about mediumship, being psychic and trusting what I am being told. Over the last few weeks, I have really started to trust information I have been given and give them out as a reading in the group. This is thanks to Wendy’s giving guidance and helping with the connection when you’re doubting yourself, every lesson I never fail to Surprise myself with the information I get given and is taken. Thanks so much for believing in me and giving me the push forward just when I need it.
Sarah Gill

Testimonial - I have been to Wendy's psychic development group since started working at The Lighthouse Therapy Centre. Wendy is a fantastic teacher, very s upportive and has helped me move along in my psychic development and mediumship journey with kindness, patience and passion. I am so glad I have this wonderful teacher to help and support me. Thank you, Wendy.
Chris Munster

Testimonial - Wendy has been my spiritual teacher for almost a year now. All our sessions have been online which have really suited me as I’m not local to Wendy. Her knowledge and experience within Spirituality is vast and this really does show in her teachings. She has a calm, organised and friendly approach to her sessions. Although Wendy has been a medium for a long time, she still appreciates how difficult it can be starting out and gives encouragement and patience to her group. Wendy is very approachable and always happy to help.
Ryan Wright

I was always anxious about stepping into a spiritual circle and didn’t want to go on my own. However, after meeting Wendy through Facebook I joined her group on Zoom. I wasn’t sure if this would work but felt more confident joining online. At first, I didn’t know anyone but you were made to feel welcome. Wendy is an excellent teacher and very supportive. Including increasing my confidence, Wendy has also been very encouraging and through her I have increased my Psychic and Mediumship skills. I can thoroughly recommend joining One of Wendy’s groups.
Carole Allison

I love the mediumship development group; it allows me to explore my ability in a safe and friendly environment. Wendy is very knowledgeable and I learn so much from each session. I was a complete beginner and felt really unsure about whether the class would be for me but I took a chance and it certainly paid off. I have really surprised myself and I am really grateful for the space to explore and learn" Honestly… I cannot sing Wendy’s praises highly enough! I have been lucky enough to get to know Wendy through her development sessions and I have to say that her approach to teaching, her philosophy and her support are all fantastic. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings into her work and with her nurturing soul energy you know you are safe hands whenever you are with her. She’s just a gorgeous soul
Helen Bartram

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, I find Wendy to be warm, helpful and approachable and a great teacher.

Pleased that Wendy persevered with showing us all that we have psychic abilities, in the face of our own self-doubt and negative thoughts, teaching us that we all have ability, just some more than others.

I loved the course – thank you x

I enjoyed doing the different exercises to improve our spiritual and psychic development.

The variety of topics was great. Great to challenge myself and push me out of my comfort zone.

What did you enjoy most about the course? Learning and developing my skills. Building trust and confidence in my abilities.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on this course, or if it was what I would enjoy, but I’ve loved it! It seems to bring together so much of what I’ve learnt and has taken it to another level. Wendy’s informal but structured style of teaching and her persistence with encouraging us to work harder and push ourselves has been a big confidence booster and made for a thoroughly enjoyable course. Thank you

I had the privilege of sitting in Wendy’s development circles. Wendy is without doubt a most accomplished teacher of mediumship. Her methods and creativity are extremely effective. If ever you have the chance to experience her gift of clairvoyance do not hesitate to be in her company.
Maurice Cawthorn

I first joined Wendy’s beginner’s development circle after meeting Wendy at Cober Hill on a spiritual seminar. I found Wendy to be very supportive, encouraging and nurturing when I first started in circle. I really believe spirit guides us to the right people at certain times in our lives, I absolutely loved Friday nights in Wellingborough where Wendy’s circle was held. Wendy is very patient and will bring the best out of your abilities. I felt like I was in alignment with my higher self and felt great joy and happiness. Wendy helped me in so many ways with self-belief and confidence, she is a lovely mentor and I would recommend her circle.
Gabrielle Crombie

What a great full day of Aura, colour and wax! From start to finish Wendy made me feel at ease and comfortable. Her organisation skills are And we were kept fully motivated with lots of exciting tasks and activities. We definitely left more knowledgable and what a positive and easy experience it was. Thankyou.

I have just completed the working The rainbow colour workshop. It was fantastic a real eye opener into colour, aura, energy, encaustic wax. Just amazing! Wendy is a great teacher helping you to move out of your comfort zone in a gentle & fun way to explore the deeper meanings/messages hidden within colour. I would highly recommend this course it really was very eye opening in all aspects. Loved it, thanks Wendy xxx.
Lizzy - 18.06.22 - Colour workshop


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