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Essential Soul
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 About Wendy 

Wendy Dixon

Hello this is Wendy Dixon from Essential Soul, and a very warm welcome to my website.

Are you searching for a deeper connection with your soul? Do you long to unlock your true potential and live a life of purpose and fulfilment? Look no further, because I am a gifted Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Healer, and Author, and am here to support you on your transformative journey.

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My path to becoming a beacon of light for others was born out of my own personal experiences. After spending years working in the corporate world as a Business Analyst, I faced a massive moment of realization when I discovered I couldn't have children in my mid-30s. Suddenly, the life purpose I had envisioned seemed unattainable, leaving me feeling lost and without direction. However, with my resilience and unwavering support of spirit I was guided towards a different path—a spiritual search for truth and purpose. It was during this soul-seeking journey that I came upon a mediumship course, resulting in me attending a program that sparked the beginning of my soul transformation.

Embracing my newfound abilities, I explored various spiritual avenues, delving into trance work, teaching, and developing transformative programs. Along the way, I have inspired and empowered numerous students to embrace their own spiritual callings, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

Driven by my innate desire to provide holistic support, I expanded my healing repertoire. I earned a two-year diploma as a crystal healer and became a Reiki Master, harnessing the transformative power of energy work. To further enhance my clients' well-being, I also obtained qualifications as a Hypnotherapist, EFT therapist, and Quantum Breath healer.

I have also written an article for Untamed Soul Magazine Issue 10:

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With 30+ years of experience as a coach in the business world, I recognised the transferability and power of those skills to help others find their own spiritual purpose. I developed a comprehensive program designed to guide individuals in identifying their life's true calling, empowering them to become the best versions of themselves.

My calling transcends my professional achievements; and it's been an amazing personal journey of self-discovery and stepping into my authentic self. After years of feeling torn between the business world and the spiritual realm, and feeling I had one foot in the business world and one in the spiritual/holistic world, I made a life-altering decision. I embraced my own intuition and took a leap of faith, relocating hundreds of miles to establish a movement that awakens people to their spiritual gifts and elevates their soul awareness.

Take a look at my services to see how I can support you on your own spiritual journey. With love Essential Souls.

Wendy hosts podcasts on all major podcast providers, talking to many people about their own spiritual journeys, and a newsletter.

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Wendy has been a working medium for over 20 years, and is accredited by the Institute of Spiritual Mediums (ISM). She has also received the PAS award for speaking and demonstrating by the Spiritualist National Union (SNU). Working as a coach for approximately 25 years and using her experience and skills to empower people to become the best version of themselves. Many people feel that there’s something missing in their life, and don’t have any understanding of their soul or life purpose. My coaching programme supports people in searching for that purpose, empowering people to look at different aspects of their spiritual self, and ultimately helping people to live a more inspired, fulfilled and satisfying life. It’s wonderful to see people blossom as they discover new aspects of self, finding their Soul purpose.
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